Because it should be for everyoneπŸ™‚

As a patron, you promote Sen. Just as people support a monk. Because he goes the right way, because you like what he does. And if you want, you can even benefit directly from it! Because you will receive instruction, virtually and in the meadow for your way:

  • To more body awareness and relaxation.
  • For better health and lasting satisfaction.
  • To learn, learn and practice, practice.
  • To cultivate your inner smileπŸ™‚
  • To go through the day in a friendly, attentive and relaxed way.

If you can, it would be nice if YOU would become a patron. You don’t have to, “but KARMA”πŸ™‚ 

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Through personal idealism :

If around me, through my work, more and more people are healthy, happy and satisfied, then I am happy πŸ™‚


And in the summer months – Proportional – by:

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Thanks to everyone who participates, you are doing something good for yourself. 
Thanks to those who promote, you are doing something good for us and you  πŸ™‚   I am grateful for every supporter/Patreon Thank You πŸ™‚


Through personal idealism πŸ™‚ 
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