Because it should be for everyone?

As a patron, you promote Sen.

Just as people support a monk. Because he goes the right way, because you like what he does.

Question: “What do I get for it?
Answer: “Nothing.”


1. Nice when you become a patron! Here you will find instructions for the supporter. THANK YOU!
2. If you can’t promote?Well, then come anyway! It’s really supposed to be for everyone!
3. If you can support and don’t do it? Then you have an inconsistency, a cognitive distortion and thus something you can learn from. That’s great, that’s how you get on! …. And still come by


Through personal idealism :

If around me, through my work, more and more people are healthy, happy and satisfied, then I am happy 🙂


And in the summer months – Proportional – by:

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