…Magic magic; Life is a miracle ?
Sen is Upāsaka, a Buddhist layman. He teaches Sen-QiGong-TaiChi outside in the park. Body awareness is a main topic. He has been meditating since he was four years old. Metta, Samath and Vipassana. He has been learning meditation, Daoism and Buddhism for decades. He also composes and learns several instruments. Kindness – Mindfulness – Peace – Kindness Attention and serenity are the guidance.

Trained and worked as: #sculptor #musician #carpenter #diploma engineer #architect #managing director #Hatha+Yin Yoga Teacher #Usui Reiki Master&Teacher #TaiChi-QiGong-Kursleiter (DDQT) #Tutor Meditation (A.Mtgl. DBU)

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