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– I can’t; I’ll never be able to.
Self-assessment, We learn to practice and thus there is no final goal no “I can do that” ….

– Evaluation trap.
I am better! No! ~ I’m worse. No. ~ I’ll be right there! No.We let the evaluation and focus our attention on the body, on the feelings at every moment.

– How do I deal with pain?
If it’s something for the doctor, go to the doctor!First of all, perceive! Body Perception.. The first reaction is to leave with attention. Ignore as long as possible, because we don’t have time, don’t know how to deal with it and are just afraid. The pain should go away.The body only has this method to draw your attention to grievances. If it hurts, then he has already tried to make himself felt more gently beforehand. Pain is already the alarm mode. So finally focus on it. This is difficult if it is really severe pain. So we have to find a neutral or at least a more bearable body position. That’s where we get and Schwups it was with attention.But the pain is coming back, because it was already an alarm sign. Well, would you rather go to the doctor? Real pain is in the meadow, there is no place at QiGong and have to go to the doctor!I assume that they are rather well-known construction sites and we deal with them like tension.

Gong ~ Practice Practice. We learn to practice. We practice body perception. Friends us with the 5 obstacles. And cultivate the inner smile


– What do I do with tension??
See RAIN. More?

– Fitness concept also includes sufficient sleep and healthy food…Sleep hygiene; healthy food is also everything our senses absorb. More?

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– Five. No, Six Senses. More?

– But being Always friendly, attentive and calm is not so easy

–The ego is also just a construct.
At the beginning of the lesson, arriving is the most important thing. I often say “Swing in and leaving behind what has just been; the future is uncertain and what should be different is not important at the moment.” As a result, a participant said: “Then there is nothing left, only me.” To which I said: ‘No, that I, the ego is also just a construct.’ She was visibly frightened.That everything was created by preconditions can be illustrated with a simple object. A sheet of copy paper seems to be just that, a piece of paper. We don’t even come up with the idea that it took countless previous events to be here now. The supplier who brought it to the store where I bought it; the employees of the factory who produced it. The lumberjacks, the tree, the sun’s rays, the whole formation of the universe were necessary for these sheets of paper to exist. Logical and yet a miracle.Applied to the person, the ego, this means that each event leaves an emotional impression, an experience that shapes future decisions. From the first moments of life until now, a chain of events. Complex and conditional. How much ‘free will’ really exists remains open.If people sit longer in meditation, you may really get through it. Then that goes without saying and nothing special. But it can be philosophized just as extensively about who likes ? Regardless of the different interpretations in Hinduism, Buddhism or Daoism, the concept is nothing special in Asia. It is present in every movement!

– Freedom for the toes! 
I don’t know why, but I can remember that I myself wore too tight shoes for years. It seems to be security that we want to achieve with squeezed feet. Well, we can’t find them with that ?
Every shoe store should have a simple device for measuring the feet. Use this the next time you buy shoes. Buy shoes that give your toes freedom to wobble and spread. The whole body is happy. The balance is getting better.