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Wednesdays 01PM on :) TwitchLive 
Samstags um 13Uhr in deutsch; In KoOp mit


On the Meadow

– Saturdays at 2 pm Free CONTINUOUS Sen QiGong course. All year round. Entry possible at any time; ABSOLUTELY watch the intro video beforehand and only then stop by on the meadow! *1

Take care of yourself and your surroundings. Only do what is good for you. Be kind, attentive and calm with you, with me with us!

*We comply with the applicable Covid regulations 🙂 

PARTICIPATE – We cultivate: body perception, kindness, attention and serenity. The inner smile; Better health and contentment are side effects 😊


If YOU want to express Your gratitude = Become a patron 🙂
Instructions on how to become a human patron 🙂

*1 Liability cannot be assumed: Go to the doctor, talk to your therapist; only do what is good for you. Dress according to the weather. Go! If it gets too much for you or otherwise, kindly say goodbye and go. Take care of yourself and your surroundings = Public green space: Enter at your own risk. Pay attention to your valuables.

– It’s an exercise a practice! It is planned to participate once a week. Every two weeks is also possible. Once a month is also possible. The breaks should not be longer. And every day Qi awakening itself!

-I assume that you take care of healthy nutrition, good sleep and pursue your own meditation practice. I reserve the right to choose who I want to train – friendly, attentive and serene through the day, with an inner smile 🙂