Do’nt just do something, sit there

Thich Nhat Hanh
Kindness Mindfulness Peace
Kindly, attentive and calmly trough the day. 
Our orientation aid.
RAIN, Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture. Recognize what is lot / root of knowledge. Allow, allow, "It's so now" / basis of love. Investigate with kindness / deepen understanding and compassion. Grow, the newly discovered path / liberation from preconceived, narrowed views.
Serenity Prayer 
May I have the serenity, To accept what cannot be changed, The courage to change what is possible and wisdom to know the difference.
Five Hinderances 
In meditation and practice! Please look at it with wisdom. We are still having fun :). We perceive anger, do not live it out, but investigate the cause and so on… 
01 Senselust 
02 Ill will 
03 Dullness 
04 Agitateness 
05 Doubt addiction
Loka Dhamma 
Profit - loss 
Worship - contempt 
Praise - Reproach 
Joy - suffering 
They are throwing us less and less back and forth ;)
The Five Intentions: 
01 No killing 
02 No stealing 
03 No sexual misconduct 
04 Don't speak untruth 
05 No intoxicating agents